Our 5-step online mortgage process can be completed on a mobile phone, tablet or PC and is fully supported by a real, UK-based, Customer Support Team.

  • 1. Registration

    You, or your chosen intermediary, can create a secure account by registering your details. This information is then saved so that we can keep you updated when you are ready to apply.

  • 2. Simple and secure online application

    Once an account had been created you, or your selected intermediary, can start a straightforward and secure online application via your mobile phone, tablet or PC, that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. If you have not yet found a property you can skip this stage and we can provide a Decision In Principle and Mortgage Certificate if needed.

  • 3. Your loan quote

    After submitting your application, we will instantly complete all the necessary checks, including credit checks and digital valuations, so that we can provide you with your initial loan quote (or ESIS Illustration). This will include all the associated costs. If we cannot support you, we will also endeavour to tell you straight away.

  • 4. Validation of information and confirmation

    If you wish to go ahead, we will ask you to confirm your intent to proceed by making an initial payment of £125.

    Our final checks involve validating the financial information you have already provided. We do this, with your permission of course, by checking directly in real time with your current bank via a secure app. If required, we will also instruct a physical property valuation on the property or properties involved at this point. All details and costs will have been provided in your loan quote.

  • 5. E-sign offer pack

    At this stage it is all looking really positive and you will now receive your formal loan offer documents and the conveyancing (legal) process begins. Electronic Signatures are used for the majority of documents (coming soon). The Mortgage Deed is personally signed in ink as this is still a legal requirement. Once this is all complete we send you the funds.

    Our technology can get you to this stage in less than 60 minutes! Naturally, there will be exceptions to this depending on the unique circumstances linked to you or your business and your property. However we will keep you informed at every step and make sure the process happens as fast as possible.

To view the eligibility criteria for each of the BlueZest products visit the Borrow page.

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