When do these conditions apply

When you access or use any part of www.BlueZest.com you are agreeing to be bound by the following conditions of use. If you do not wish to be bound by these conditions, you may not and should not access or use this website.

All details are correct at the time of publication. All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn without notice. Terms and conditions of products and services and interest rates may be varied. We may change these conditions at any time without giving any notice to you. If you continue to access and use BlueZest you agree to be bound by the most current version of the conditions of use. Please check these conditions from time to time to see if any changes have been made.

The products and services on this site are available to UK residents only and none of the information on this site is intended for viewing by anyone living outside the UK. Any dispute arising in relation to this site or anything appearing on it will be governed by English law and the language we will use in our communications will be English. BlueZest may monitor and record any telephone calls for training and security purposes. All loans and mortgages are subject to status, valuation and certain restrictions. Property will be required as security. Loans and mortgages are not available to persons under 23 years of age.

How BlueZest will use your information

BlueZest will only collect, process and store information about you that we have openly collected from you. We will collect information that is relevant to providing our online service. We will keep your information while you have a relationship with us and for any retention period that we are legally required to meet.

This privacy policy only covers the BlueZest branded website. Links within this site to external websites are not covered by this policy. Please note that any changes that BlueZest makes to this policy will be communicated electronically on the home page of this site and not by individual written communication.

The Intermediary’s Undertakings

Where you provide personal and financial information relating to others (e.g. partners or directors or prospective customers) you confirm that you have their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to us and for us to use it for these purposes or, in the case of prospective customers, for the purpose of considering the provision of our services.

The Intermediary is solely responsible for any financial advice given to the Customer. The Intermediary shall notify BlueZest immediately in the event that it or any personnel,

employee, consultant or partner in the Intermediary’s business are charged with any offence involving fraud or dishonesty, or are investigated or disciplined by the FCA, or if any registration, licence or permission held by the Intermediary is revoked, suspended, investigated or amended by any regulatory body for any reason.

The Intermediary undertakes to, and agrees with BlueZest that it will, at all times:

  • Ensure that each Customer and each application meets the requirements of BlueZest’s lending policy
  • act in the best interests of the parties when providing the Services
  • be suitably qualified and perform its obligations under the Agreement with diligence and all due care, skill and competence
  • not misrepresent the terms of any Mortgage Product
  • maintain proper records of all transactions effected through its office
  • not make or purport to make any representations or warranties on behalf of BlueZest
  • not do anything that would result in BlueZest being in breach of the Act, the Regulations, or any other applicable law, rule, statute or regulation
  • act in accordance with the FCA’s requirements on Treating Customers Fairly
  • only use marketing materials provided to it by BlueZest, either in hard copy or from BlueZest’s website, and will not amend or represent the materials in any way
  • notify BlueZest immediately if it becomes aware of any errors or inaccuracies in respect of any Mortgage Application
  • comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as are applicable to its obligations under the Agreement
  • co-operate fully with BlueZest for the purpose of compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • notify BlueZest immediately if they suspect any fraudulent activity on the part of the Customer.
BlueZest’s Obligations
  • BlueZest will provide, and be responsible for, the administration and processing of the Mortgage Products, and all relevant terms and conditions attached thereto.
  • Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, BlueZest shall, at its own expense, supply the Intermediary with all documentation and materials necessary to facilitate the Intermediary’s provision of the Services, including all marketing material for the Mortgage Products.
  • BlueZest may, in its sole and absolute discretion, refuse, cancel or amend any Mortgage Application received from the Intermediary. BlueZest is not obliged to provide a reason for any decision it reaches.
  • Mortgage Products are subject to availability and BlueZest may withdraw or amend any Mortgage Product at any time without notice.

BlueZest shall not contact any customer for so long as they are deemed to be a customer of the Intermediary for the purposes of promoting any other product of any nature whatsoever without the Intermediary’s prior written consent.

Nothing in the above clause shall prevent BlueZest from marketing or offering any of its products or services where the customer has directly approached BlueZest or has requested details of a specific product, or has been referred to BlueZest by a third party.

Nothing in the above clause shall prevent BlueZest from corresponding at any time with the customer regarding the ongoing administration of a purchased Mortgage Product.

Intermediary Fees
  • For each Customer who completes the purchase of a Mortgage Product from BlueZest following introduction by the Intermediary, BlueZest shall pay the commission to the Intermediary at such rate as BlueZest shall from time to time notify the Intermediary.
  • The purchase of a Mortgage Product by a customer from BlueZest is deemed to be complete on the Date of Completion.
  • BlueZest shall pay the commission to the Intermediary, Principal or mortgage network or club within 28 days of the Date of Completion.
  • BlueZest shall not accept any business from, nor pay any commission to, any Intermediary that does not hold the appropriate licences, registrations or permissions with the FCA, or that does not comply at any time with the Regulations, or any applicable rules, laws, statutes or regulations.
  • In the event that the Intermediary ceases to be authorised by the FCA during the term, BlueZest shall pay the commission on any customer mortgages where the Intermediary held valid authorisation on the Date of Completion
  • BlueZest shall not pay the commission on any mortgages where the Intermediary’s authorisation was revoked on or before the Date of Completion.
  • BlueZest shall not be liable to pay the commission to the Intermediary where the Intermediary does not disclose its entitlement to the commission to the Customer in the course of providing the Services.
  • BlueZest shall be entitled to set off any outstanding commission against any debt owed to the Society by the Intermediary.
  • If any mortgage application submitted to us by the Intermediary is found to be fraudulent it will not be entitled to any commission. If BlueZest discovers after the Date of Completion a mortgage application was fraudulent then the Intermediary will on demand repay any commission already paid in respect of the fraudulent mortgage application.

The Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time upon giving notice in writing. BlueZest will have the right to cancel the Agreement with immediate effect in the event that:

  • the Intermediary commits any act of dishonesty, fraud or malpractice
  • the Intermediary breaches any of the Terms
  • the Intermediary engages in any conduct prejudicial to the interests or reputation of BlueZest
  • the Intermediary fails or ceases to hold the appropriate licences, registrations or permissions with the FCA, or does not comply at any time with the Regulations, or any applicable rules, laws statutes or regulations
  • the Intermediary is subject to investigation or discipline by the FCA or other regulatory body.

The Agreement will automatically come to an end in the event of the Intermediary’s death, the Intermediary’s bankruptcy, the Intermediary’s winding up, a petition by the Intermediary’s creditors, the Intermediary entering into arrangement with its creditors or the change of control or ownership of the Intermediary.