SME Secured Business Loan

What is it

It’s a loan aimed at Limited Companies looking to raise capital for their existing business by securing it against a Director’s residential property.

Who is it for?

Designed for Directors/Limited Companies/Limited Liability Partnerships.

What can it be used for?

This loan must be used for business purposes only; it will be paid into your company’s bank account.



All of our mortgages are structured around the amount of money you want to borrow compared with the value of property you are buying. This is referred to as the loan to value (LTV) ratio. It’s the difference between the deposit you have and the property purchase price in percentage terms.

If your property is worth £100,000 and you borrow £75,000 the LTV will be 75%.

If your residential property still has a mortgage against it, your loan from will take the form of a second-charge on that property.

  1. Loan agreement will be between the BlueZest and the Company and signed by all Directors of the Company (maximum of 4)
  2. All registered owners of the security property must be party to the mortgage agreement
  3. All Directors must not have any unspent convictions for offences, other than minor traffic offences
  4. The Director whose property is being mortgaged must have been a director of the business for at least 2 years
  5. All Directors must reside and have indefinite leave to remain within the UK
  6. All Directors must have been resident and liable to UK tax for the last 2 years
  7. All Directors must have a credit bureau record of 2 years or more
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LTVFirst chargeSecond charge
65% or under5.9%7.9%
LTV65% or under
First charge5.9%
Second charge
First charge7.9%
Second charge9.9%
For Intermediaries, please go here to find and download the full Buy-to-Let product fact sheet

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