Buy to Let Refurbishment

What is it

It’s a mortgage aimed at Individuals or a Limited Company looking to invest in a Buy to Let property that requires light refurbishment before being let.

What can it be used for?

Designed for landlords purchasing investment property that requires a light (non-structural) refurb before being let to tenants.

By light refurbishment we mean things like fit a new kitchen, replace a boiler, redecorate through, implement measures to improve EPC such as insulation and double glazing, and similar non-structural improvement works.

For structural changes, conversions, extensions or new build/development financing, please see our Property Development Loan.



All of our mortgages are structured around the amount of money you want to borrow compared with the value of property you are buying. This is referred to as the loan to value (LTV) ratio. It’s the difference between the deposit you have and the property purchase price in percentage terms.

For example, if you’re buying a property worth £100,000 and borrow £75,000 the LTV will be 75%.

  • Maximum 4 Directors with all registered directors being party to the mortgage agreement
  • All Directors must reside as a tax resident in the UK, and have done so for at least 3 years with indefinite leave to remain
  • All Directors must have a traceable credit bureau record of 3 years or more
  • All Directors must have held an active UK bank current account for at least 3 years
  • No Director can have had any personal mortgage arrears in the last 12 months
  • No Director can have any unspent criminal convictions other than for minor traffic offences
Product Features
  • 4 Month Payment Deferral – No repayments required for four months to allow property to be refurbished and tenants found
  • Two year fixed rate following deferral period
  • Repossessed and auction properties considered
  • Properties currently unlettable due to poor EPC considered
  • Properties “unmortgageable” due to lack of kitchen or bathroom considered
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Buy to Let Refurbishment Rates

LTVDeferred Payment Period (4 Months)Fixed Rate Period (Months 5-28)Remainder of Term (Month 29 onward)
Up to 65%8%4.49%BlueZest SVR
Up to 75%9.9%4.49%BlueZest SVR
Up to 80%10.49%4.49%BlueZest SVR
  • • Experienced landlords are landlords who have had at least one Buy-to-Let property for the past 12 months
  • • A portfolio landlord is someone who has at least 4 properties
  • • Rates are subject to individual circumstances relating to each mortgage
  • • BlueZest SVR is currently LIBOR + 5.79%
For Intermediaries, please click here to download the full Buy-to-Let Refurbishment product fact sheet

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